Keep on thru to the Prince - 4E

2nd Session - Keep on the Shadowfell - H1.2

Stuff Wot Happened

Visit the Village of Winterhaven, get dosh from Mayor for killing Kobolds (200gp), and get guidance to the Dragon Burial Ground.
Valthrun also gives a bit of history of the keep, saying it was protecting the world from Orcus(Evil Horned God of the Undead) and has fallen into disrepair since the paladin Sir Keegan went mad 100 years before and slaughtered everyone

A4: Burial Site

Initially greeted with enthusiasm by a rather cheerful Gnome called Agrid, he was really only interested in luring you into range of the Grabby ‘Shadow Claws’ of the spectral Apparition of Kalerel, and range of Nineran, a half Elf Ranger who if she had escaped would have caused further trouble down the line. Thankfully she didn’t because i have an unreasoning hatred of Elves and their poncy condescending variants.
Anyway, the majority of the damage to the team was a case of friendly fire by Aleira (Hilarious! Automatic bonus xp to Olivia!) when she was blasting some human rabble into dust.

Douven Staul was rescued, along with his assistant/body-guard Kroscek who then joined the team

An Amulet of Health(+1) PHB249 (sans wife’s piccie) from Douven.
Non-Magic Mirror worth 550gp that the bad guys were planning to use as a spell component later on.
67gp from Agrid,
39gp and a note from Ninaran. The note read ‘Blah blah blah, you are a spy from the village, blah blah blah. When you get to the second level of the keep, the pass phrase is ’From the ground, some magic was found’

Shadowfell Keep:Level 1

A1: Goblin Guard Room

As you get to the bottom of the stairs, you see a Female Goblin Warrior running away to warn her mates. Andrew spoils my fun by refusing to chase her, but sticks to the walls instead. So the rats at the bottom of the pit trap are still sitting there, feeling really disgruntled that they missed out on being slaughtered. They have also since eaten any treasure that was hidden down there…

A4: Chieftains Lair

While checking down a corridor, you find a secret door leading to the bed chambers of a Fat goblin in leather pants called Balgron (sometimes Bogroll). With amazing levels of stealth, you capture and disarm him (from his Vicious Flail(+2) – that would have caused some messiness!) but then you immediately release him so that he can run back around to the non-secret entrance and gets everyone to attack you while you are killing the HobGoblin torturer.

600gp in BogRolls Treasure chest,
2keys (one for chest, 1 for door)
a Magic Wand (1) PHB242,
and some sort of unidentified Brooch that seems to boost healing by +2 that is a Healers Broach (
2) AV152.
The HobGoblin Torturer was wearing Bloodcut Hide Armour (+1) PHB224.
BogRoll was wearing leather pants of +6 stinkyness, which Kerg is taking as a peace offering to Valthrun the Prescient.

A5: Crypt of Shadows pt1

Lots of Zombie rotters were in a room, but they got vapourised by Aleira

A7: Skeletal Legion

Entering this room has some walls lines with sarcophagi, which on inspection were empty. However, as soon as the Alter to Bahamut part of the room was entered, Skeleton Warriors appear. They don’t attack (in spite of provocation!) but wait for you to bow to the Lawful Good Platinum Dragon.

4 ‘Platinum Dragon’ Statues (worth 60gp each)
a small chest with 5 gems(50 gp each) and 62gp
a shield of protection (1) PHB245
and a Ghost Phase Armour (
2) PHB230

A8: Sir Keegans Tomb

Sir (Kevin) Keegan immediately starts wailing about how bad he was for killin folk, but he has stuff to give… after a challenge. Everyone had to convince him that they were on the side of good, but everyone utterly blew him away with some right fancy dice rolling.
I could have got everyone to role-play the conversation a bit more to decide on the difficultly level of the roll; I’ll do that next time…

So he gave the group a sword called Aecris, which is a Flaming Longsword (+2) PHB234, and the skeleton warriors from the skeletal legion

A5: Crypt of Shadows pt2

Before going down to Level 2 of the Keep, there were some Zombies to clean up around some corridors with Runes of Terror on the floor


Everyone gets 1500xp for covering a lot of ground; Olivia gets an additional 350xp for FlameHands-ing the group and Andrew gets an additional 250 for the ‘Double Entendre’ joke. Andrews 250xp bonus will have to be split evenly across his PCs.

So totals:

Phaedrus: 2625xp
Kroschek: 2625xp
Aleria: 2850xp
Kerg: 2625xp

First Session - Keep on the Shadowfell H1.1

Game hooks

Missing Mentor:
Andrews matey Douven Staul has gone missing after finding that there is a Dragons Tomb not far fom the village.

Ruins of the Empire:
A scholar named Parle Cranewing has hired LC to make a map of the Keep, because, y’know, scholars care about that sort of crap.

Ominous Signs:
Si has been told by his church leaders to find out about the death cult in Winterhaven, and destroy it

Stuff wot happened

On the Road: Kobold Brigands

The game begins with some simple killing of Kobolds and their children out at play
Gp: 34 silver + 10gp of sheilds and armours and boring crap that I can’t be bothered making you sell

Visit the village:

Si pantsed the old dude, Valthrun the Prescient who is the sage of the village. This would have made finding stuff out later on really hard, but he’s a wino in his cups so what the hell
You got approached by the Mayor, Lord Padraig, to kill the Kobold Lair in exchange for 200gp
Si met Sister Linora at the Temple of Avandra. She’s a dopey bint who doesn’t know anything about death cults and probably couldn’t find her arse with both hands on a good day.

A1: Kobold Ambush

Some kobolds vow revenge for the death of their children, so you kill them on the way out Winterhaven
Gp: 5 gp+23 silver+ 10 gp for weapons/shields/ rubbish

A2: Kobold Lair Outside

Mike runs into attacks of opportunity, Olivier fireballs a cluster inside a Sacred Circle of +1Attackness
Gp: 4 gp, 7Sil + 10 Gp for Crap

A3: Kobold Lair Inside

Si runs his protectiony orb thing, Andrew misses LOTS of dice rolls and the big Boss (104 HP folks!) still gets his arse handed to him.
Andrew did well, because Iron Tooth was obviously designed to hurt flankers.

Chainmail x 2,
Heavy Sheilds x2,
Battle Axes x2 ,
Silver key to Irontooths treasure chest,
Suit of Dwarven Chain Mail(pg 228 of PHB),
10 gp for crap.
And a note stating:
Dearest IronTooth,
blah blah blah,
couple of days rift open, Lord Orcus will be splendid eating brains,
Love and Kisses,


You all have 1000xp, except for Si who gets a 125xp bonus for the pantsing (total 1125xp). Mike would have got a 250xp for LC running into the circle of ‘Attack-of-Opportunity’ because that was really funny.

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