Dwarven Devoted Cleric. Short, fat & prone to falling over.


AC 19
Fort 13
Ref 13
Will 18

Cha 16
Con 14
Dex 8
Int 12
Str 12
Wis 20

has dwarven chainmail armour (1 ac, +1 end, & once a day h/s for free) and a warhammer (4 vs AC, 1d10+3). Mostly likes ranged prayer attacks though. Heavily geared for healing.


Left his (or her) fellow (ess) dwarves to go see the world. Never really fitted in at home, but now out trusting Avandra and making new friends (well, three of them).

Is 4’2", 220lb, with grey skin, bright red hair, braided beard & hair.


Keep on thru to the Prince - 4E Kerg