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Rolling a player

Don’t roll dice for your stats; You have automagically rolled rather nicely with 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8.

Feel free to roll a new PC at any time, but give me some notice so I can work out a way to introduce them to the game.
New PCs are going to be at the same level as the average of the group
Initial gold and equipment is entirely dependent on level ie DMs arbitary will…

Actions in a round

Basically, you can take a standard+move+minor action on your turn, in any order.
You can also take as many free actions as you like
You can also spend an action point (once per encounter) to get another standard action.

In terms of substitution, you can only substitute downwards. Ie, a more valuable for less valuable action. ie, you can swap a standard for move or minor action, and a move only for another minor action.

Also, if someone is moving into melee, and they cross thru the bad guys attack squares (ie they are positioning for a flanking attack), then the bad guy will do an attack of opportunity on them for being idiots. Rogues have the ‘Deft strike’ power to avoid some of this.

Obscure equipment/spell/advancement questions

There is a simple answer to any equipment/spell/advancement question; If it aint in the PHB1 or PHB2, your PC will have never have heard of it, and no one your PC will meet has ever heard of it.

It keeps things simple.

However! Folks are allowed to research spells/feats/whatever though.

But to be cruel (bwa ha ha!) the researcher will never know if their research attempt fails because I don’t like it as a DM, or if they would succeed if they tried the research again at a higher level. Or maybe the dice decided that the research will never work for this researcher. But it might work for someone else in the party.

“Computer says no…”

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